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Patented Codentity® Transition Technology (CTT) can dramatically improve the listener experience for digitally-rendered music sets.

How?  CTT automatically eliminates the disruptive SILENCE GAPS and sloppy CROSS FADES heard in typical song-to-song transition events from every major vendor.  CTT surpasses the automatic music-flow control capabilities of products from Microsoft®, Apple®, Spotify®, Pandora®, Slacker®, and many other leading companies.

Device manufacturers, application builders, and streaming Web services that LICENSE and ADAPT Codentity® Transition Technology for their platforms will gain a distinctive competitive advantagebecause their enhancement would be valued by millions of music lovers.

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The sequential transition outcomes of Codentity music-flow control technology are consistently the most desirable

See side-by-side VIDEO demonstrations comparing Codentity® Transition Technology with the music-flow presentation capabilities of products from leading players like: Microsoft®, Apple®, Pandora®, Spotify®, and more.

Applications running on a range of platform devices can greatly benefit by licensing and adapting Codentity Transition Technology (CTT).  Patented CTT (U.S. 9,286,942) can AUTOMATICALLY eliminate annoying between-song SILENCE GAPS.

And CTT can AUTOMATICALLY replace the erratic audio levels of sloppy CROSS FADE events with uniformly smooth and naturally-overlapped song-to-song transitions.  Or, depending on the production style of the source material, CTT can AUTOMATICALLY replace sloppy CROSS FADE events with uniformly smooth and suitably adjoined song-to-song transitions—as if a live DJ were mixing the tracks.

Result?  An improved listener experience, and growing brand loyalty for the platform provider.

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