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This page provides access to an easy-to-retrieve repository of press and publicity items.  Use excerpts from press releases, product descriptions, and technical explanations.  Copy and paste logos, diagrams, and screen captures into your reviews.  Embed demonstration videos into your Web site, send links to associates.

Search YouTube® for 'codentityusa' to locate videos and embed links.  The official Codentity PRESS CONTACT is Tom Hayes — 630-487-0934 —

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Clearance Permissions

Permission is granted for use of this material in product reviews, blogs, and forums.  Excerpts of press notifications do not require Codentity copyright attribution.  When extended sections of press notifications are used, Codentity requests copyright attribution.  Product descriptions do not require copyright attribution.  Codentity logos, product logos, screen shots, and diagram / clip art images may not be modified or distorted; and must be reproduced in a manner which closely replicates their original design.  Codentity confers no ownership rights to its owned or licensed materials, copyrights, systems, methods, processes, patents, pending patent applications, logos, or trademarks.   Codentity retains all ownership rights. True Blend® / Codentity® transition technology is protected by one or more patents or pending patent applications.