ACT NOW---Gain valuable technical and artistic advantages across all your key platforms:  smartphones, streaming Web music channels, and even hardware music devices.  Improve the listener experience by working with us to incorporate our patented Codentity® Transition Technology in your products.

Eliminate music SILENCE GAPS on:

  • Smartphones-Watches-TVs
  • Streaming Web Channels
  • Tablets and In-Car Audio
  • Hardware Devices

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Codentity Services


Patented Codentity® Transition Technology is a major feature of True Blend® software sold as part of the Music MegaBase Catalog Media Edition product suite.  The latest version of the software has been optimized for TAP-TOUCH displays and small format screens including Windows® tablets.  It is available now for Windows® 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP PCs and tablets.  The Music MegaBase Catalog product suite includes the following integrated software titles:

  • Music MegaBase Catalog (MMBC)a hit-music database
  • True Blend® Media Player System — automated music mixing
  • Codentity® EFX Player — manual music and sound effects mixing
  • Codentity License Manager — License management and metrics tool


Featuring patented Codentity® Transition Technology


Music MegaBase Catalog optionally-priced titles include the following integrated products which enhance the power of the MMBC:

  • ATL Image Manager (ATL IM)precision playlist control
  • Keyword Compositor (KWC) — layered search tools
  • Keyword Query Toolset (KWT) — search tools
  • Value Key Activation — secondary license tools


FACT---Only True Blend®  from Codentity®  offers completely natural OVERLAPPED or ADJOINED song-to-song transitions automatically every time—WITHOUT crossfades and WITHOUT the requirement to insert duration times, assign fade envelopes or set audio levels.


Codentity® Transition Technology

Song-to-song transitions are automatically made completely natural with Codentity Transition Technology (CTT) in True Blend® Media Player System software from Codentity.  To recognize the magic of True Blend® (with CTT), it is essential to understand the current state-of-the-art for broadly distributed music sequencing platforms.  Read on.

The Problem — with other technologies

You know the drill:  A premature fade OUT followed by an annoying fade IN.  Say what?  With this type of DSP cross fade style transition, the DJ can choose to invoke automix when he (or she) steps away from the console, but their sloppy "automixed" transitions will almost always degrade the live dance experience.

An unexpected CROSS FADE music "dip" is a bad vibe for every live presentation; and it's not cool at weddings, corporate events, or private parties.  (SEE DIAGRAMS)

Even worse for music lovers, on smartphone and streaming Web music platforms, there is an almost universal 5 to 7 second SILENCE GAP between buffered or playlist rendered songs!

It doesn't have to be this way.  350,000 Google® search users can't be wrong!  There is an unfulfilled demand for genuine GAPLESS playback — executed without premature fade OUTS and unwanted fade INS.

The Remedy — created by Codentity

Patented Codentity® Transition Technology (CTT) (United States Patent 9,286,942) overcomes the challenges of optimum track duration calculation and audio level presentation—automatically.  (Hooray--woo hoo!  Finally.)  This produces naturally-synchronized song-to-song transitions.  And, unlike other products, our True Blend® software incorporates CTT, so it does not require assigned song durations, file editing, or fade point encoding.

Featuring patented Codentity® Transition Technology

True Blend® magic is performed 'live'—in real-time—so there is no need to pre-build music sets, and no performance penalties from wasted CPU cycles typical of simulated DSP (digital signal processing) transitions.  With Codentity® Transition Technology in True Blend®, DJs can execute smooth, natural transitions in manual and automix operations.  And on smartphone or streaming Web music platforms, the listener experience is dynamically improved by the elimination of disruptive silence GAPS.  True Blend® achieves genuine overlapped (or adjoined) audio transitions using TWO independent software players—and WITHOUT crossfades.

See HOW other methodologies are different and WHY patented Codentity methods are superior.


Music Licensors— Ask about Codentity's digital anti-piracy "standards of presentation care".  Helping to bring our patented transition technology to the streaming Web music channels will reduce your exposure to endless Web-wide piracy because overlapped song-to-song transitions produce audio obfuscation—by preventing isolated presentation of individual songs.  If users can't digitally record a "clean copy" of your legacy catalog for sharing, they are more inclined to become purchasers instead of IP pirates.  Learn why tightly programmed transitions benefit Web-casters too.

For full transcripts, company logos, technical diagrams, clip-art, and links to demonstration videos—go the the Media Assets page.


Codentity® Transition Technology
Available Now Under License

(Burr Ridge, IL – April 17, 2017)  Chicago area based Codentity® LLC has announced that it will immediately begin offering licensing and service integration agreements for its patented digital music sequencing methods.  Codentity Transition Technology (CTT) is a system and method of automatically refining sequential song-to-song transitions on digital playback devices...

See complete release here.


Codentity® Transition Technology
Method Now Patented

(Burr Ridge, IL – March 15, 2016)  Chicago area based Codentity® LLC has been awarded patent protection by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a method of automatically refining sequential song-to-song transitions on digital playback devices...

See complete release here.

For full transcripts, company logos, technical diagrams, clip-art, and links to demonstration videos—go the the Media Assets page.

For digital DJs, automatic mixing—that is sequential "automix" operations—in just about every consumer-grade software product or streaming environment requires that the DJ (and the listener) accept the unnatural transitions imposed by the platform's corresponding technology.



              Will licensing and then adapting patented Codentity® Transition Technology give
my PLATFORMS a valuable
competitive advantage?

License Codentity®  Transition Technology  (CTT) for your platform(s) now, and get a head start on the competition.  See information about licensing, developer assets packages, and process integration consultation, here.

Notify Managing Partner Tom Hayes of your potential interest in Codentity®  Transition Technology on your platforms.  START a conversation, learn more: 630-487-0934.

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