Bring Natural Overlapped Music-Flow To Your Platforms

Gain a distinctive competitive advantage

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Applications running on a range of platform devices can greatly benefit by licensing and adapting Codentity Transition Technology (CTT).  Patented CTT (U.S. 9,286,942) can AUTOMATICALLY eliminate annoying between-song SILENCE GAPS.

And CTT can AUTOMATICALLY replace the erratic audio levels of sloppy CROSS FADE events with uniformly smooth and naturally-overlapped song-to-song transitions.  Or, depending on the production style of the source material, CTT can AUTOMATICALLY replace sloppy CROSS FADE events with uniformly smooth and suitably adjoined song-to-song transitions—as if a live DJ were mixing the tracks.

Unlike other patented designs, Codentity Transition Technology achieves its precision automatic mixing performance WITHOUT CPU overhead.  CTT measures, calculates and executes natural transitions—in only milliseconds.  (See LIST of other 'gapless playback' patents—learn how they are different.)

The automatic music-flow control of patented CTT surpasses the known capabilities of ALL other methodologies in the consumer / pro-sumer space—including products distributed by leading companies.  Compare patent methodologies on Evidence page.

Integration Support

For customers and partners who license CTT, additional assistance can be purchased with the acquisition of CTT Developer Assets package.

The Developer Assets Package includes programming objects, source code blocks, work-flow diagrams, and engineering notes will provide clear examples, and template guidance, for programmers who wish to adapt CTT to their platforms and proprietary networks.

Platform Pages

Codentity® Technology Licensing supports CTT for Windows® 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP.  For partners that acquire the CTT Developer Assets Package and Developer Consultation Services, Codentity supports alternate platforms to include JavaScript®, Android®, and Apple® iOS integration.  Codentity will assist engineers working to implement CTT on integrated circuits and hardware embodiments.

Get technical and business process information on the Codentity® Transition Technology patent licensing pageAlso learn which major companies have invested in perfecting their brand of Gapless Playback Technology (GPT).  And, get immediate answers to your FAQ.

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