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  • Technology Licensing

    Patented Method Can Improve Digital Music On All Platforms

    Codentity Transition Technology (CTT) is a system and method of automatically refining sequential song-to-song transitions on digital playback devices.  CTT eliminates the technical problems heard in almost all other automatic music mixing solutions.  For a fee, patented (U.S. 9,286,942) Codentity Transition Technology can be licensed and adapted to create a more natural music-flow experience across a diverse set of digital presentation platforms including:


    • Mobile devices (such as smartphones, Windows® tablets and in-car audio players)
    • Streamed Web-music services (like Spotify®, Pandora®, and many others)
    • On-Demand Voice-Command streams (such as interactive services from Amazon®)
    • Enterprise music servers (whether satellite or Intranet originated)
    • Windows® Mobile DJ software (replacing unsatisfactory ‘cross fade’ methods)

    License agreements are offered at three levels:

    • Platform License  (Articulated as single platform or multi-platform)
    • Developer Assets Package (Sample source code, programming object maps, step-by-step process execution templates, etc.)
    • Developer Consultation Services  (Process assistance adapting technology to proprietary music-flow networks)

    Benefits of Incorporating CTT

    Here are some of the obvious benefits to be enjoyed by devices and operations that upgrade their music flow transitions:


    • Cleanly removing silence gaps eliminates music flow disruptions  (Disruptions amplify listener dissatisfaction)
    • Less disruptions prevent listener fatigue  (A loss of audio content can cause a listener to wonder if there is a technical problem, and change channels)
    • Less disruptions promote longer TSL—time spent listening  (Longer TSL factors make it easier for ad sales teams to negotiate for better rates)
    • Natural transitions with expected sound event audio levels permit efficient blending  (The audio content of paid sponsors is seamlessly mixed with its surrounding music, so listeners don’t have reason to avoid messaging by tuning away)
    • Natural transitions with expected song boundaries create a more desirable listening experience  (Happy listeners are more likely to pay for subscription renewals)
    • Better music flow transitions produce an improved listener experience  (which provides a competitive advantage to participating companies who wish to distinguish their products and services)

    Ready to learn more?  Contact Codentity Managing Partner TOM HAYES via 630-487-0934 or

    CTT Is Automatic and Sounds Natural

    Unlike typical automatic mixing solutions from other vendors on various platforms ─ where premature fade-outs, unwanted fade-ins, extended silence periods (“gaps”), or arbitrary content portion deletions are commonplace ─ Codentity’s patented designs instead present digital audio (such as music, promotional spots, dialog tracks, etc.) at normal audio levels, and with completely natural, automatically-synchronized transitions.


    With CTT, for example, song sets are heard as either overlapped or (depending on the production style of the source material) suitably adjoined—as if a live DJ were mixing the tracks.


    And CTT accomplishes this effect WITHOUT the need for user actions.  In other words, while other automatic mixing products all require at least the implementation of sloppy cross fade effects, or administrative insertion of timed fade envelopes for each song, or varying degrees of transition preparation with audio level or waveform manipulation…


    None of these actions are required by patented Codentity Transition Technology—before during or after a music flow event.  CTT performs a ‘live mix’ (in real-time, every time), where the timed outcome of each song-to-song transition is consistently heard as expected by the listener.

    CTT Eliminates Disruptive Silence Gaps

    Because Codentity Transition Technology does not use the cross fade methodology* applied in most other automatic mixing products, CTT can instead present each transition as an optimally-timed overlapped or adjoined event.  There are zero silence gaps, and music loudness is heard at normal levels.


    *To be clear, here is how Microsoft® defines the cross fade functionality for its Windows® PC media player:


    "Cross fading delivers a smooth transition between songs as the volume at the end of one song fades out and gradually goes down while the volume of the next song fades in and gradually goes up."


    Codentity testing has demonstrated that other vendors, including some Web streamers, typically implement their versions of 'cross fading' (if available) with the same outcome as indicated by Microsoft.


    Source link as retrieved on July 13, 2016 from Microsoft Web site:

    CTT Provides Competitive Advantage

    The absence of silence gaps promotes longer listening because it the music flow presentation is less disruptive.  Why is this important?  Each music service desires to attract and retain listeners as long as possible.


    When, for example, listeners are persistently exposed to the typical 5 to 8 second silence gap of a Web-streamed music service, they may suspect technical problems—and change channels.  So, for Web-streamed music services (‘streamers’), the perception of technical issues (“Has the Internet connection been dropped?”, “Did the DJ fall asleep?”) is highly counter-productive.


    This is true because in order to build confidence for subscription renewal, or to improve measured TSL (time-spent listening) for the ad sales team**, the program director must have the tools to remove all objections to the technical presentation.


    **A longer TSL factor is generally advantageous when the ad sales team is negotiating for better rates from paid advertisers.


    And for the Web streamers that offer so-called cross fading options, that methodology is typically plagued by the “premature fade-out, then fade-in arbitrarily” effect that is annoying to music lovers.  To achieve a longer TSL, Web streamers should be working to eliminate undesirable technical distractions.

    Go to PLATFORM-SPECIFIC arguments here.  See LIST of companies with 'gapless playback' patents here.

    CTT Available Now for the Windows® PC Platform

    Codentity LLC has already created and marketed a Windows® PC / tablet application that incorporates Codentity Transition Technology—the True Blend® Media Player System is available at or from the Codentity Web store (

    Ready to learn more?  Contact Codentity Managing Partner TOM HAYES via 630-487-0934 or

  • Developer Assets Package

    Codentity LLC has already created and marketed a Windows® PC / tablet application that incorporates Codentity Transition Technology (CTT).  For customers and partners who license CTT, additional assistance can be purchased with the acquisition of CTT Developer Assets.  These programming objects and source code blocks will provide examples, and template guidance, for programmers who wish to adapt CTT to their platform and proprietary networks.

    For example, here are the assets that could help knowledgeable developers speed their incorporation of CTT methodology into their systems:


    • Fully-tested source code
    • Engineering notes
    • High-level step-by-step instructions
    • Programming diagrams
    • Master object map

    Purchase of the CTT Developer Assets Package requires a valid CTT license.

    Ready to learn more?  Contact Codentity Managing Partner TOM HAYES via 630-487-0934 or

  • Developer Consultation Services

    Development teams who wish to obtain additional support from Codentity while integrating CTT into their networks, hardware, or software apps, can purchase the CTT Developer Consultation services.  This arrangement will provide the best and most efficient way to incorporate our patented technology into your music-flow platform.

    Purchase of CTT Developer Consultation Services requires a valid CTT license, and the CTT Developer Assets Package.

    Ready to learn more?  Contact Codentity Managing Partner TOM HAYES via 630-487-0934 or

  • Developer / Distributor Security Consultation

    Smart Practices Overview

    Improve your Microsoft® Access™ and Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications security model by implementing an integrated system of role-based identity tracking and violation countermeasures that significantly enhances standard security options.  This service provides an overview of best practices and guides developers by giving them a check list and basic "how to" for tasks like: Creation of role-based identities which are operating system-independent, Code obfuscation strategies, Introduction of metered waypoints, and the Implementation of countermeasures that can limit the ability of unauthorized users to install, deploy, operate, or exploit your code.


    Scenario Scripting Documentation

    Developers who wish to build and distribute program code using Microsoft® Access™ and Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) programming environments can improve their security model by purchasing the Scenario Scripting Documentation (SSD) that adds to your ability to protect your code.  The SSD is created on demand for your situation and includes information on where to place countermeasures, when to trigger them, and actual VB Script examples to get you started.  For a fee, you can also receive development services from Codentity that will help you code and test your security strategy.  For developer / consultation fee information, send inquiries to


  • Web Site Development and Consultation

    Better Writing, Better Look

    Small businesses and one-man operations may not have time to develop an effective Web site.  And the templates that are included as free add-ons with some online service providers may help you get started, but they can't really deliver a truly unique solution customized for your business.

    Codentity offers moderately-priced development and consultation services for individuals in search of a quick fix to their Web presence problems.  Our services include marketing strategies, technical writing, graphics creation, audio-visual production (for co-branded media), keyword seeding, SEO, and site design, implementation and maintenance.  For developer / consultation fee information, send inquiries to

    See sample scripts for professional copy-writing here.

  • True Blend® Media Player System (MPS)

    Extended Support Package

    The True Blend® MPS product includes 7 levels of built-in program HELP, plus extensive Web documentation resources.  However, qualified individuals who desire supplementary assistance with installation, hardware integration, catalog modification, multi-PC collaboration, or scenario-specific troubleshooting may purchase telephone and e-mail support for an additional charge.


    Expedited Support Package

    Fast response (within 24 business hours) support for True Blend® MPS users with a requirement for more elaborate support including assistance with installation, hardware integration, catalog modification, multi-PC collaboration, or scenario-specific troubleshooting.  Purchase expedited telephone and e-mail support for an additional charge.  (Restrictions may apply.)


    For package details and service charge information, send inquiries to