Patented transition technology in True Blend® provides smooth, natural gapless playback—automatically

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Compare our transition technology in True Blend® with performance from other vendors

ACT NOW— Gain valuable technical and artistic advantages across all your key platforms:  smartphones, streaming Web music channels, and even hardware music devices.  Improve the listener experience by working with Codentity® LLC to incorporate our unique and patented Codentity® Transition Technology in your products.  Codentity is actively seeking platform development and strategic channel sales

Discover how Codentity® Transition Technology (CTT) can deter digital music piracy


Codentity's patented transition technology is a major feature of the Music MegaBase Catalog Media Edition product suite featuring the True Blend® Media Player System.  The latest version of the software has been optimized for TAP-TOUCH displays and small format screens including Windows® tablets.  It is available now for Windows® 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP PCs and tablets.  The Music MegaBase Catalog product suite includes the following integrated software titles:

  • Music MegaBase Catalog (MMBC)a hit-music database
  • True Blend® Media Player System — automated music mixing
  • Codentity® EFX Player — manual music and sound effects mixing
  • Codentity License Manager — License management and metrics tool



Music MegaBase Catalog optionally-priced titles include the following integrated products which enhance the power of the MMBC:

  • ATL Image Manager (ATL IM)precision playlist control
  • Keyword Compositor (KWC) — layered search tools
  • Keyword Query Toolset (KWT) — search tools
  • Value Key Activation — secondary license tools

Optional titles REQUIRE installation and activation of the core MMBC primary titles


Music Licensors— Ask about Codentity's digital anti-piracy "standards of presentation care".  Helping to bring our patented transition technology to the streaming Web music channels will reduce your exposure to endless Web-wide piracy because overlapped song-to-song transitions produce audio obfuscation—by preventing isolated presentation of individual songs.  If users can't digitally record a "clean copy" of your legacy catalog for sharing, they are more inclined to become purchasers instead of IP pirates.  Learn why tightly programmed transitions benefit Web-casters too.

Compare Codentity® Transition Technology with performance from other vendors


Patented Codentity® Transition Technology

For music lovers and digital DJs, automatic mixing—that is sequential "automix" operations—in just about every software product, streaming environment, or hardware device requires that the listener and DJ accept the unnatural transitions imposed by the corresponding technology.  Fortunately, Codentity has solved the technical challenges common to music-flow presentation in other products.  Read on.

Other Technologies Are Persistently Problematic

You've been there.  On thousands of streaming Web-music channels, and countless mobile devices, almost every song-to-song transition is served up to the listener with annoying SILENCE GAPS between songs:


SONG A Audio Level Fade Out At End


(5 to 10 seconds)

SONG B start normal level

And the automatic mixing results of so-called DSP CROSS FADE methods implemented by several major vendors, and even by some prominent Web-streamers, are very sloppy.  Listeners hear a series of premature fade OUTs, followed by unwanted fade INs.  Here is how the typical CROSS FADE solution presents its brand of 'gapless' transitions:


SONG A Audio Level Fade Out At  End

SONG B Audio Level Fade In At Start

Erratic audio level Cross Fades, like the "dip 'n clip" effect above in example 2, do not reproduce music the way the recording artist designed it; and for that reason, it's not how people expect to hear their favorite songs.   (But happily, Codentity's patented music-flow control methods overcome the limitations of existing technology from other companies.  See examples 3 and 4 below.)

By Contrast -- Codentity Methodology Is Consistently Natural

Patented Codentity Transition Technology (CTT)—marketed as True Blend®—is different.  CTT produces a natural song-to-song blend AUTOMATICALLY, and for every transition event.  In situations where, for example, Song A ends with a gradual fade, CTT starts Song B at its normal audio level, and it starts at the point where Song A begins its natural fade out—producing the expected OVERLAP.


SONG A Audio Level Fade Out At End

SONG B start normal level

Or for music track pairings where, for example, Song A resolves abruptly (i.e., cold), CTT starts Song B at its normal audio level, and it starts B at the moment Song A concludes—producing the expected tightly ADJOINED transition.


SONG A Audio Level Ends Abruptly

SONG B start normal level

As you can see by the examples above, Codentity methodology produces transitions WITHOUT silence gaps, and WITH expected audio levels, while other technologies deliver disruptive silence gaps or strange audio level fluctuations—which are both an indication of poor song boundary calculation.

How does Codentity Transition Technology work its magic?  Read the published Codentity patent hosted on the Web site of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Codentity Delivers An Enhanced Listening Experience

Codentity Transition Technology is an evolutionary improvement that provides a more desirable listening experience.  CTT eliminates the disruption of glaring silence gaps.  CTT ends the problem of audio level disparities like premature fade OUTS and unwanted fade INS.  CTT stops the practice of arbitrary content deletions used by other designs (including some in-car audio systems) that result to trimming material in order to create a simulated blending effect.

And CTT, if incorporated into the music-flow processing for Web-streamers (think Spotify®, Pandora®, Google®, and others), can reduce listener fatigue; thereby leading to longer TSL (time spent listening) due to improved consumer satisfaction.  For streamers, this could mean better results for ad sales objectives and subscription renewals.

Or if adapted to enhance and smooth music sequencing transitions on smartphone handsets or tablet devices (think Samsung®, Sony®, Apple®, Microsoft®, and others), CTT can give licensees the immediate advantage of a desirable technical distinction (i.e., a feature "selling point"); this can lead to improved sales and a renewed loyalty to the implementing platform.

CTT Available As True Blend® Application On Windows® Platform

Patented Codentity® Transition Technology (U.S. 9,286,942) overcomes the challenges of optimum track duration calculation and audio level presentation—automatically.  This produces naturally-synchronized song-to-song transitions.  And, unlike other products, Codentity® Transition Technology (CTT) does not require assigned song durations, file editing, or fade point encoding.

True Blend® is the trade name assigned to the Windows® platform implementation of CTT—Codentity Transition Technology  Its magic is performed 'live'—in real-time—so there is no need to pre-build music sets, and no performance penalties from wasted CPU cycles typical of simulated cross fade-style DSP (digital signal processing) transitions.  With Codentity Transition Technology, DJs can execute smooth, natural transitions in manual and automix operations.  And on smartphone or streaming Web music platforms, the listener experience is dynamically improved by the elimination of disruptive silence GAPS.  CTT achieves genuine overlapped (or adjoined) audio transitions using TWO independent software players—and WITHOUT crossfades.

Ready to learn more?  Contact Codentity Managing Partner TOM HAYES via 630-487-0934 or

See DIAGRAM comparisons of Codentity© Transition Technology performance vs. other platforms—smartphones, streamers, and famous maker media players, click here.

See HOW other methodologies are different and WHY patented Codentity® methods are superior.


True Blend®


Famous Makers


Patented Codentity® Transition Technology in our True Blend® software eliminates the awkward audio level problems and unnatural silence gaps commonly heard in DSP-executed crossfades.  True Blend® would dramatically improve the listener experience on smartphones, streaming Web music services, in-car audio systems, and hardware devices.  Contact Codentity® LLC for licensing and partner engagement information:  630-487-0934.

On streaming Web music services, there is almost always a "silence gap" of 5 seconds or more between the end of Song A, and the start of Song B. It is typically heard by the listener as an extended fade-to-silence as Song A ends, followed by a 3 to 5 second audio delay while Song B is buffered.  This form of "loose" audio transitions is disruptive to the music flow, and could cause listeners to search for a more natural and consistent presentation on a different platform.

Patented True Blend® transition technology, if adapted to work with streamer networks, could eliminate the annoying silence GAP heard between buffered songs.

Software media player implementations from Famous Makers offer to perform blended transitions in so-called "crossfade" mode.  Their solutions, while very clever, do not produce the uniform natural song-to-song transitions enjoyed with Codentity True Blend transition technology.  Products from the leading vendors often exhibit "Dip'n Clip" and "Ultra Dip" audio levels effects with their DSP (digital signal processing) designs.

Music APPs and hardware implementations on smartphones almost always insert a "silence gap" of 5 seconds or more between the end of Song A, and the start of Song B. It is typically heard by the listener as an extended fade-to-silence as Song A ends, followed by a 3 to 5 second audio delay while Song B is buffered.  This form of "loose" audio transitions is disruptive to the music flow, and could cause listeners to search for a more natural and consistent presentation.

Patented True Blend® transition technology, if adapted to work with smartphones, could eliminate the annoying silence GAP heard between playlist songs.

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Codentity® Transition Technology
Available Now Under License

For a fee, patented (U.S. 9,286,942) Codentity Transition Technology (CTT) can be licensed and adapted to improve the music-flow experience across a diverse set of digital presentation platforms—smartphone, Web streams, tablets, and more.

(Burr Ridge, IL – April 17, 2017)  Chicago area based Codentity® LLC has announced that it will immediately begin offering licensing and service integration agreements for its patented digital music sequencing methods.  Codentity Transition Technology (CTT) is a system and method of automatically refining sequential song-to-song transitions on digital playback devices.

Unlike typical automatic mixing solutions from other vendors on various platforms ─ where premature fade-outs, unwanted fade-ins, extended silence periods (“gaps”), or arbitrary content portion deletions are commonplace ─ Codentity’s patented designs instead present digital audio (such as music, promotional spots, dialog tracks, etc.) at normal audio levels, and with completely natural, automatically-synchronized transitions.  With CTT, for example, song sets are heard as either overlapped or suitably adjoined—as if a live DJ were mixing the tracks.  And this is accomplished WITHOUT the need for user or administrative actions!

Potential applications include creating natural music transitions on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices; streaming Web-music presentations; in-car audio systems, music servers, desktop PCs, and on-demand voice-command services.

License agreements are offered at three levels:

  • Platform License  (Articulated as single platform or multi-platform)
  • Developer Assets Package  (Sample source code, programming object maps, step-by-step process execution templates, etc.)
  • Developer Consultation Services  (Process assistance adapting technology to proprietary music-flow networks)

Codentity LLC has already created and marketed a Windows® PC / tablet application that incorporates Codentity Transition Technology: the True Blend® Media Player System is available at or from the Codentity Web store (

To learn more, contact Codentity Managing Partner, Tom Hayes, via

License Codentity®  Transition Technology  (CTT) for your platform(s) now, and get a head start on the competition.  See information about licensing, developer assets packages, and process integration consultation, here.

Notify Managing Partner Tom Hayes of your potential interest in Codentity®  Transition Technology on your platforms.  START a conversation, learn more: 630-487-0934.

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