An Open Letter to Potential Venture Capital Partners

by Thomas J. Hayes

Managing Partner, Codentity LLC

April 10, 2017

My company is the owner of a new patent (9,286,942) in the field of digital audio music transitions.  I am the inventor and programmer, and our patented method produces the desirable effect that Apple®, Microsoft®, Sony®, and many others have long attempted, but never achieved.

SEE the evidence:  There are as many as one hundred instances of patent applications, or granted patents, relating to the field digital audio transitioning.  Go to the patent EVIDENCE page to obtain an understanding of the potential commercial scope of the digital music presentation field.

*But only a new Codentity® patent demonstrates how to produce Gapless Playback automatically—WITHOUT sloppy cross fades and WITHOUT arbitrary song boundaries.

Taking Advantage of the Glaring Gapless Playback Deficiencies

  • The Problem

    Currently, Web-streaming services and smartphone music players present sequential transitions as Song A, SILENCE GAP, Song B, SILENCE GAP, Song C, and so on.  Even worse, media player products from Apple, Microsoft, and a score of other vendors, offer so-called “cross fade” music blending.


    Their patented techniques remove the silence gaps between songs, however, their presentation is plagued by varying degrees of unnatural effects such as premature fade-outs of Song A, followed by unwanted fade-ins of Song B.  In practice, their DSP (digital signal processing) estimations of song boundaries are arbitrary and imprecise.

    See "head-to-head" video demonstrations comparing Codentity's superior music-flow results with the uneven song-to-song transition performance of famous-name vendors.

  • The Solution

    Codentity’s patented design is different.  It creates a song measurement, content duration calculation, and execution system that presents uniformly natural, overlapping or adjoined transitions between songs—automatically.


    Our method delivers a more pleasing listener experience because there are no silence gaps, no premature fade-outs, no unwanted fade-ins, and no song-content portion deletions.  We calculate “high-definition” song boundaries and enable consistent audio levels, with no requirement for user actions or file preparation.  The result is song rendering the way the artist intended, and music flow the listener expects.

    See "head-to-head" video demonstrations comparing Codentity's superior music-flow results with the uneven song-to-song transition performance of famous-name vendors.

  • The Market

    Any company that licenses and adapts the patented Codentity® technology for their device or network will achieve a technical advantage over their competition—because our method will cause the music to sound like it is mixed by a real live DJ, not a machine.  And for “streamers” (Amazon®, Google®, Pandora®, Spotify®, etc.), less disruptions will encourage longer listening.

    Potential APPLICATIONS in the multi-billion dollar digital media space encompass multiple platforms:

    • Mobile devices (such as smartphones, Windows® tablets and in-car audio players)
    • Streamed Web-music services (like Spotify®, Pandora®, and many others)
    • On-Demand Voice-Command streams (such as interactive services from Amazon®)
    • Enterprise music servers (whether satellite or Intranet originated)
    • Windows® Mobile DJ software (replacing unsatisfactory ‘cross fade’ methods)

    For platform-specific adoption arguments, click here.

    Patent LICENSING agreements can be offered in several technology / services configurations:

    • Platform License  (Articulated as single platform or multi-platform)
    • Developer Assets Package (Sample source code, programming object maps, step-by-step process execution templates, etc.)
    • Developer Consultation Services  (Process assistance adapting technology to proprietary music-flow networks)
  • The Payoff

    I am looking for a strategic partner capable of supplying industry connections and financing to help me build a profitable licensing business.  There may also be opportunities to generate revenue by offering integration support services and application development services.


    In the event you are not interested at this time, I respectfully ask you to point me in the direction of venture capital firms that you believe may be more suited to my objectives.  Thank you.